2 Place Of Old Yangon

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Yangon, where the Buddha Pagoda was fabricated, and Yangon, where Tharayawati was assembled, are better places. The Yangon of the Buddha Pagoda was in the southeast of Sule Pagoda, and in the Yangon of Tharayawati Min, it was south of the Shwedagon Pagoda, between the current city school and the Military History Museum (Jubilee Hall).

  • Rangoon Of The Buddha.

The lord of cadavers went after Rama consistently aimlessly and took him to “Dagon“. Around then, Dagon was only a little fishing town at Yataw level. Dagon was renamed Rangoon, and Min Hla Min Khao and different majors were gone after by 500 boats, 1,000 ponies Three thousand firearms He gave 30,000 fighters and figured out how to watch the city.

2 Place Of Old Yangon
2 Place Of Old Yangon

The most noteworthy regulatory place of Yangon is given to the lead representative, and under the lead representative there are two water authorities to manage the unfamiliar mariners who come to Yangon port. Furthermore, a traditions official was named to gather charges on products from unfamiliar ships, and duty authorities were delegated to gather charges from the 32 municipalities of Yangon, previously known as Hanthawati.

  • Wood Post City.

Around then, there were 1119 sanctuaries in Yangon (one sanctuary for each seven mountains). South Count River In the east, Thein Phyu Road, Only around thirty roads toward the west, the degree of the log post city can be speculated. There are two streets running south and north, and three streets have been assembled lined up with the stream from east to west. There are houses between the waterway and the city wall, and the houses are Burmese-style, and the lower part is covered with block, yet the upper part is made of bamboo wood and covered rooftop.

Assuming you enter through the main entryway on the south side of the woods and go north, you will come to Kaalan, where the outsiders reside. The lead representative’s home and office are not a long way from Kaalan. The King of the Corpses gave the development of a place of worship at Ruetigong Pagoda, encompassed by the aristocrats and aristocrats of the regal family, discussed 9,000 acclaims and offered candles. In the wake of putting the city along these lines, he got back to Nay Pyi Taw with every one of the boats encompassed by the breeze.

2 Place Of Old Yangon
2 Place Of Old Yangon
  • The Primary Anglo-Burmese |Conflict And The Burmese Peacock Banner.

During the Gonpaw period, the peacock banner, addressing the whole nation of Myanmar, was raised close to the King’s Bridge, the entryway of the mountain in Yangon. After the main Anglo-Burmese conflict during the rule of King Baigyomin, the Burmese side was crushed, so they needed to surrender Rakhine and Taninthari, and they needed to consent to pay 1,000,000 in war costs.

Until they couldn’t pay, they lifted the peacock banner addressing the state in Yangon, and raised the British Union Jack banner on Yangon land, featuring the injuries of war rout. After the installment of war repayments, on the tenth of the tenth day of 1826, 1188 Burmese year, the English banner raised in Rangoon was brought down, nine feet of white material. Six feet wide The banner raising function was held to raise the Burmese banner with a red peacock in the center, a bloom, and a brilliant fabric.

  • Tharayawati Min (b) Shwebo Min (b) Gonpaw Min’s Rangoon.

In 1841, after the promotion of Tharayawati to the lofty position, he left Amara Purana with just the city watches, and took his replacement King Ba Kyi Tao and Queen Mae Nu to Yangon via ocean for almost a month. At the point when Tharayawati showed up in Yangon, it is as yet called “Lam Dao” after the street that was arrived at by the King’s Forge Bridge. As indicated by the qualities of the city, the city of 1,800 square meters was finished in something like seven days, and the castle was named “Aung Mun Yan Rae“.

2 Place Of Old Yangon
2 Place Of Old Yangon

The city has a square shape, and four tons of wooden walls are raised on every one of the four sides. There are two entryways on the north side and just a single door on the opposite side of the city wall. Around twenty yards away is the stream and three wharves. The roads in the city are wide, straight and cleared with blocks. Toward the east of the city is a little suburb, and a brief distance toward the north are the cemetery.

There are schools of divine beings. An outsider who kept Tharayawati Min’s appearance in Yangon expressed that the populace might be around 10,000. Around then, I figured out that there were battles in a few neighborhoods of Yangon, which were hung up at the Shwedagon Pagoda gave by the general population. column of pots Shan Bridge Stop They are Wha Tan Water Dam Bridge.

  • Tharawati Min Ringer.

Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon Pagoda Rowe Maudho Pagoda Kyaikko Pagoda He paid respect to the Kusinna sanctuary. A 42 ton Tharayawati chime was projected and given to Ruetigong Pagoda. Mama Mya Lai, Queen of the West Palace, likewise assembled the west slant of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Subsequent to arranging the city and carrying out beneficial things, he remained in Yangon for quite some time and got back to Amarapura in Nay Pyi Taw.

2 Place Of Old Yangon
2 Place Of Old Yangon

The Second Anglo-Burmese War And The Peacock Flag.

After the second conflict of attack in 1852, after the British involved Rangoon, the option to for all time erect the public peacock banner on Rangoon land vanished. Before Lower Burma fell under the British rule, Yangon was controlled by 24 lead representatives during the Gonpaw time frame from 1755 to 1852, after which Yangon fell under the control of the British.

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